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Introductory Text


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Room Features


En-suite bathroom with shower

Wi-fi access

Freeview TV



Temple Spa toiletries

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Breakfast At Pelham House


After an incredible night’s sleep, a fantastic breakfast is just what you want to see in the morning.

With a vast array of pastries, bread, cereals, charcuterie, and cheese to choose from, along with a delicious variety of cooked breakfast favourites, you will be spoilt for choice when you peruse the options in the Atrium Kitchen.

Take your seat in the Panelled Room, revitalise with a freshly brewed coffee and prepare for the day to come in the perfect way.


Pelham House Floor Plan



Book A Feature Twin Room


If you would like to book a feature twin room at Pelham House, click below and simply select the dates of your visit.


Pelham House and grounds © Andrew Gale Photography