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Check Availability

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Set the date
It’s time to secure the wedding of your dreams

We have a select number of key dates available below, giving you an amazing opportunity to hold your dream wedding sooner rather than later.

Sunday 26th June 2022
Thursday 7th July 2022
Sunday 21st August 2022
Thursday 1st September 2022
Sunday 30th October 2022
Friday 18th November 2022

Setting the date is the first step towards making your dream wedding a reality. The calendar below is live, showing the wedding availability of Pelham House, as you hover over or touch your chosen date. It will also give you the venue hire price on that particular day.

If you find the perfect date, give our Wedding Office a call on 01273 030203, to arrange a visit and make it yours today.

Details on rates for venue hire, food & drink and accommodation at Pelham House can be found here.

Your wedding journey starts here…