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Dog Policy

We understand that your dog is a treasured member of your family. That’s why we welcome up to two dogs per event at Pelham House. We have two dog cages, dog beds, some treats and watering stations to help your pooches feel at home.

To help us ensure the smooth running of your day and to keep Pelham House in a lovely condition for everyone, there are a few points that we require you to adhere to:

1. A prior written request must be submitted to the Venue Manager, Pelham House, St. Andrews Lane, Lewes, East Sussex, BN7 1UW or by email to

2. Written permission must be obtained from the Venue Manager before the dog(s) can be brought on site.

3. The Dog Policy Form must be completed by the dog owner for each dog attending.

4. A maximum of two dogs may be brought to Pelham House per event.

5. Dogs are strictly not permitted in any carpeted areas of Pelham House, any bedrooms other than the dog-friendly bedrooms, or in The Blencowe Room.

6. We have two dog-friendly bedrooms with hardwood floors in which dogs may stay. Please confirm in advance with the Venue Manager.

7. Dogs staying overnight in Pelham House must sleep in the dog cages provided and remain in a dog cage when not being directly supervised. Dogs are not permitted on beds, chairs or soft furnishings.

8. A dog may attend events only if it:
1. is quiet and does not distract guests, staff, suppliers or residents.
2. is clean, well-groomed and free of illness, disease and fleas.
3. is kept on a lead at all times both inside and outside the premises.
4. is treated humanely while on the premises and provided with water and appropriate food.

9. Dangerous breeds or aggressive dogs are not permitted at Pelham House. We reserve the right to require any dog owner to remove their dog from Pelham House immediately. The right to request this is at the absolute discretion of the Venue Manager/Deputy.

10. Dog owners must, in the event of any dog fouling, clean up and sanitise the area immediately with effective products to the satisfaction of the Venue Manager/Deputy. Faeces and poop bags must be sealed and discarded outside the building in the bins. A charge of £30 per incident will be deducted from the damage deposit for any fouling cleaned up by the venue staff.

11. Female dogs are not allowed to urinate on the grass as it will discolour it.

12. Dog owners must nominate one person as the nominated carer to be wholly responsible for the dog throughout the day. When not being directly supervised, dogs must be kept tied up on a lead or in a dog cage.

13. Dog owners should provide their own dog food and bowl.

14. Pelham House is a town centre location with passing traffic. It is the dog owners’ responsibility that the dog is kept under control.

15. Delivery vehicles and guests’ cars, taxis and other transport operate at Pelham House. No liability is accepted by the venue for any injury to the dog however caused.

16. At least 14 days before the event the dog owner must provide a completed Dog Policy Form. Dogs will be allowed on-site only if the form has been provided in advance.

17. The dog owner will be held fully responsible for any damage that is done to the property of the venue, guests, suppliers, or any injury to any person at the venue or associated with the wedding by their dog.